High quality crossovers

All of our crossovers are carefully designed to have the best possible performance. By designing the crossover based on the measured acoustical output of the speaker elements in the speaker enclosure, together with extensive listening tests, we are able to achieve very high performance and a very flat frequency response from each speaker. High quality crossover parts ensure clean signal transfer and ultimate sound clarity and overall sound quality.

Metalized polypropylene foil capasitors

High quality audiophile capacitors ensure fast signal discharge and ultimate clarity and detail levels.

Air core inductors

Air core inductors offer open and transparent sound quality and keep the signal clean without creating a smearing effect, like ferromagnetic iron core inductors that are often used in commercial loudspeakers that can degrade the signal significantly.

High quality resistors

Non ferromagnetic resistors keep the signal very clear and offer excellent sound quality compared to other resistors that are widely used by other speaker manufacturers.

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